Our mission is to make accessing, analysing and converting your data simpler, quicker and more error-resistant.

Our off-the-shelf solutions provide significant time savings to analysts, data managers and database creators / maintainers. Whether you have a small database with a few hundred rows of data or a brobdingnagian database which is fed by thousands of incoming data files, we have the solutions you need.

All our off-the-shelf solutions can be installed and set-up by your existing staff, or we can provide an installation and set-up service as well as enhanced help plans to provide complete peace of mind.

Not sure if our software works as you would like? Contact us today for a free demo and a free one-month trial.

Can't see exactly what you need here? Or maybe you need a bespoke solution that fits your workflow and circumstances perfectly? See our Bespoke Development page for details of how we can help you optimise your workflow and make significant savings at the same time.

Smart Data Manager [COMING SOON]

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  • Run queries without having to write any SQL

  • Filter, sort, join tables and change formatting quickly and easily

  • Results as tables, pivot-tables and charts

  • Import and Export to Excel and other formats without hassle

  • Snapshot and change tracking - simply take a snapshot, run your software routine(s) and view the changes made.

  • Works with the most popular database types, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySql etc.

  • Perfect replacement for SSMS

Smart File Parser [COMING SOON]

  • Automate the reading of file data into your databases

  • Detect file schemas for speedy semi-automated on-boarding

  • Detect file schema changes automatically and handle them intelligently.

  • Speed up your dataflow and reduce downtime and costs.

  • Perfect for handling third-party data files

  • Automatically pick up files from drop-folders, e-mail, FTP / SFTP and websites

  • Optional components to accept files from FIX servers and other communication protocols

Smart Data UI [Coming Soon]

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  • Fully-featured, user-configurable front-end to connect to your databases.

  • View your data graphically

  • Run automations to manage, manipulate and verify your data - whatever kind of data you have.

  • Hundreds of built-in automations included, plus many more from the community website.

  • Write your own automations using the python interface

  • Create custom work-flows for your organisation

  • Advanced permissions system allows you to set which staff roles can access information, edit data (by data type), run automations and progress workflow.

  • Create shared desktops and reports

  • Automatically creates editors for static data

  • Full audit trail

  • Don't have a database yet? Smart Data UI will create one for you from one of our templates - everything from a small company selling products online to multi-billion portfolio control.

  • Access and control your data from desktop, the web and mobile app.